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Social Action

"Justice, justice shall you pursue." Torah commands us to do so in Parshat Shoftim, Deuteronomy 16:20. It does not say, "Justice, justice if it happens to come to you." 
As Reform Jews, we take this commandment very seriously. We actively seek out injustice and inequity, and apply ourselves to remedy the wrongs of society. Each year our Confirmation class takes a trip to Washington, D.C., accompanied by Rabbi Panken and Religious School faculty members. The students tour Washington, visiting the Holocaust Museum and celebrating Havdalah at one of the monuments. They participate in the L'taken Seminar, which is run by the Religious Action Center, the political action arm of Reform Judaism, in which they learn about what Reform Judaism says about civil rights, poverty, the environment and Israel, among many other important subjects. The students choose their topics, prepare extensively, and then verbally present their messages to their Congressional representatives in person, to do their part to influence our federal government and effect change on a national level.
At all grade levels, our students learn the importance of tzedakah(righteous charity). Each year, there are a variety of projects in which students decide which organization or group of people they wish to help, and work toward fund raising, collection of food, and other activities in support of tzedakah.
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