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Covid Protocols

Protocols for events with food.

  1. It is okay to serve food indoors
  2. Mask Requirement - Before and after eating
  3. Must be social distancing - no food if social distancing is not possible.
  4. Advise that food not be served if at all possible - be judicious 
  5. No vaccination requirement
  6. Encourage outdoor eating  for events


Protocols for non food events

  1. Mask Requirement
  2. Social distancing
  3. No vaccine requirement


YOSHE Protocols

  1. Mask Requirement before and after food
  2. No masks while sleeping
  3. Social distancing inside
  4. Vaccine requirement for Shul-ins
  5. 72 Hour PCR and Rapid testing for Shul-in, overnight and any event with Bus contact
  6. Shul-in: Sleep must be in the social hall
  7. Midnight Run -- School area -- vaccine is required of HS students

Homeless Program Protocols

  1. Have men sleep and eat in social hall
  2. Moadon becomes the isolation room if needed
  3. The RS Director/Executive Director must be notified if there is isolation in the Moadon


Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782