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Shelter Volunteers

Michael Holzer - 732-690-6217

Temple Shaari Emeth participates in the Freehold Clergy Association's Emergency Housing and Advocacy Program.  Since the program’s beginning more than 13 years ago, Temple Shaari Emeth has provided transportation, meals and overnight housing each Saturday from the winter months of December through March.  You can read some more about the program in a previous article published in the Asbury Park Press.  You can also view this YouTube VIDEO from 2016 when the youth group prepared dinner for the men.

Each Saturday evening from December through March volunteers are needed for the following:

  • One volunteer to provide and serve a hot meal for approximately 12 men
  • At least ONE volunteer to stay overnight at the Temple (male or female)
  • One volunteer to deliver food for breakfast on Sunday morning (this is delivered a few days in advance)

*The Freehold Clergy Association/Emergency Housing and Advocacy Program will continue to provide a paid male security guard at the Temple each Saturday.  The guard will be sitting in the room with the men overnight.  As a result, we will only need ONE volunteer and the volunteer(s) can be male or female.  You are not required to stay awake all night and we have two self-inflating air mattresses that you can use to sleep comfortably in the temple office.

If you are a new overnight volunteer, we will meet with you or set up a phone call to discuss all of the details the week before you are scheduled to stay at the temple.  Please call if you have questions about how things work before you sign up.

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Mon, September 24 2018 15 Tishrei 5779